Friday, July 31, 2009

What do 'normal' teeth (canines ) look like?

My canines look too large to me, someone told me I looked like a vampire! :-E

Look at pictures of models in magazines, their canines seem about the same height as nearby teeth.

So what do normal teeth look like?

What do 'normal' teeth (canines ) look like?
They are somewhat longer than any other tooth, especially the laterals that are next to them, toward the front. Most people refer to them as the "vampire teeth" because they are pointed and longer than the others. They should normally be anywhere from 2mm or longer than the bi's and laterals. Don't look at models, they aren't good examples of what is normal, only what we think is normal because it looks better or different than what we have. This is a site that has a photo in their gallery that shows a good example. Hope I've been of some help and good luck!
Reply:Yes they are v shaped
Reply:v-shaped and everybody is different- don't go by Hollywood types they restructure everything on their bodies for mass appeal.

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