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Get braces or dont get them? (pictures included)?

Get braces or dont get them ?

Im very insecure about my teeth. Theyre not extremely crooked, but yeah they are crooked. My friends say they dont notice, and a few people who already notice still say I have a great smile. Im not boasting, but Im not bad looking. However, my looks dont makeup for my teeth so at times I feel unconfident. Should I get braces anyways ? Im 16 =/

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Get braces or dont get them? (pictures included)?
I have just turned thirteen and I got train track braces in December after having really annoying/sore overbite braces (they made you look like you were giving permanent sniders plus all your food got stuck in the top plate).

I say get them! I can't view your pictures because I'm not a member of Blog Spot but I say even if they are slightly crooked get them because in the end they won't be just slightly crooked - they will be straight!

Heres some things you should know.

It doesn't hurt when you first put them on it hurts about twenty minutes later and lasts up to about to two weeks afterwards depending on how sensitive your teeth are (mine lasted for about three days).

If you don't like school you will like it even though it's painful because you normally get about two days off each time it's tightened because it's so painful (so painful you end up crying half the time just to let you know).

Sorry if I'm scaring you but I thought you should know the honest truth.

I've never had a tooth ache as I have had brilliant teeth hygiene all my life but I think it is probably worse considering you get mild tooth aches and very very painful tooth aches.

They gave me one ulsar because at one side my orthadontist left the wire too long but it soon goes away as your gums adjust.

I've never had the colours changed but when i had them put of the first time (the same as changing them) it was painless it was the most relaxing bit of the treatment.

I would suggest buying the little floshing brushes to use in your braces and use the water pik aswell. I use both and it helps bad breath and stuff like that.

Also stock up of mouthwash and toothpaste for obvious reasons!

Always carry mints and a little compact mirror for bad breath plus food stuck in the braces. It's really not nice for people to see or smell.

Since I am bored I will explain what happened to me e.g. how he put it on.

First obviously you lie back in the chair and put these speacial UV protection glasses on.

He first cleans your teeth with something simmilar to a water pik.

He then puts green gel stuff on your teeth so the braces will stick better (they are glued to your teeth BTW). Don't put your toungue on the gel it tastes digusting and leaves you with a horrible taste in your mouth all day.

He gets the brackets (the bits the colour goes on) and sticks them with special glue on your teeth. One per tooth.

He now cuts a bit of wire and clips that in to each bracket to form a brace. He know asks you what colours you would like. I would suggest green and pink as it looks super cool in your mouth but it's your decision.

He puts the colours in (you can ask for three colours one after the other, two colours one after the other or first on the top set second colour on the bottom set).

Now he explains your brushing routine and gives you dental wax to helps your gums and tongue (you can basically throw thi in the bin when you are home - it is hopeless and doesn't even stick to your braces).

I forgot to mention that while he is doing this you have a vacuam type tube in your mouth so you don't choke on your saliva or the water out the water pik thing.

I have pink and green at the momment they are very cool. They are very bright! The green is lovely. I have these colours until March I want black and purple in March.

The black is super cool too I think and doesn't make you look like you have rotton teeth. Since in March it's nearly easter time I suggest "Easter colours" like pink, yellow, green, light blue, lilacs. Any soft/pastal colour is like a "Easter colour".

If you are scared/worried tell your orthadontist he/she should then take you through what they are going to do to make you feel at ease.

Good luck and hope your better soon if they end up sore.

Feel free to e-mail me about anything to do with dentists or braces.

Hope I helped!
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