Friday, July 31, 2009

Crooked teeth? what to do?

I'm a 18 year old male. My teeth are crooked top and bottom.

Teeth look a little twisted and some are trying to go on top of another one. I've got wisdom teeth. Never been to a dentist since the late '90s. I've had 3 cavities. 2 at the top and 1 at the bottom. They were filled up with silver stuff.

My parents don't have any insurence and can't afford insurance for me. Only my dad goes to the dentist a couple times a year.

I think I'm ugly. When I refuse to smile when pictures are taken.

Crooked teeth? what to do?
Get braces. 5 grand is alot of money when you first thing about it, but assuming you live 50 more years (probably more), think of it as having paid 100$ a year for perfect teeth. WELL worth it, and most orhtodontists offer payment/finance options, as not too many of us can afford to drop 5g's out of nowhere

I had screwed up teeth, and I got what are called "speed braces"... they are a different style that rely on a memory wire instead of individually moving the teeth by tightening wires... the wire is free to slide in the bracket. Orthodontists typically said 18-24 months, This orthodontist gave me near perfect results in about 9 months.... these braces were actually cheaper than regular ones too. It was a no brainer decision. WELL worth it.

Invisalign's arnt all they are cracked up to be, I looked into these extensively. They can not correct severy orthodontic problems, so many people still need to include traditional braces in thier treatments. They are ALOT more expenisve than traditional braces, and are not as effective. They are intended for correcting slight problems, like one or two crooked teeth, not a mouthfull of croweded teeth.
Reply:get a job, brush with brite toothpaste, and buy braces. i have braces, i I wont smile cause there stupid, but it WILL be worth it
Reply:My uncle is in his late 20s, and he just got this new Invisalign thing. It's like a retainer, and you wear them every night. Every two weeks, you go in and get a new one. It's quick too, you only have to do it for a few months, and it supposedly works. I don't know the cost, but it sounds good! Check with a dentist.
Reply:You can live with it. Get with an orthodontist and let him know that insurance is an issue. Most are kind enough to allow payments over time such as monthly payments if it is a local small doctor office place.
Reply:Your wisdom teeth have come in impacted and pushed all your other teeth out of line. You're not too old to get braces. You should check several in your area. You don't pay for it all at once, you'll pay so much a month.

The way your teeth are, you'll be more apt to have cavities. If you're determined, you'll get them. Don't give up.
Reply:Get Invasilign, In Mexico... From what I hear, its cheap and works!?!?! It's worth a shot if you've got a latino friend %26amp; live close to the border...

Anyway... I work for an oral surgeon, I've seen the worst.. It's all fixable!!!
Reply:well they can striaghten your teeth without braces but its like10,000 dollars.. so i guess if u dont want braces ur otta luck
Reply:Ok. I am going to speak from experience. I have crooked teeth. I chose not to smile for a lot of pictures over the years. I have been embarrassed horribly because of the way my teeth look. I haven't had insurance to fix them. As I have gotten older, because the teeth are crooked, they have started moving. I now do have teeth on top of other teeth and a space in between my front teeth. I also have horrible pain in my mouth on a daily basis. I am now almost 40 years old. Please, do yourself a favor. Fix it as soon as you are able. Once you have a job and decent dental insurance, don't put it off like I did. Save yourself the embarrassment and pain. I don't wish this on anyone. I take advil on a daily basis. And it hurts when I eat. Braces would have been worth it. If I knew then what I know would certainly have been different. Please....learn from my experience. I do understand where you are coming from. It is worth it.

I have to add that my options now are to get all of my teeth taken out and get dentures...not a pretty prospect. Don't do this to yourself.


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