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Is there any link to downloads RAZR V3c software to transmit via data cable video, sound, pictures, to pc free

I have a Motorola V3c RAZR CDMA cell phone. I don't have the internet on in, not blue tooth. All I want to do is take videoes, or pictures and send them thru ( for free. I don't want to have to pay for the software if possible!) a data cable (which I allready have) to copy my phgone imagesd, pictures, video, and voice records to my Windows XP Gateway Media Center 2005 desktop. I've heard it's out there and free. But, every link or tip I've gotten doesn't apply to MY RAZR V3c or it is so far, not been for free. Someone give me the correct link to THE software that's "out there" and I will no longer be needing to ask this question dozens of different ways. I tried Motorla Phone costs money. I don't think it's fair to have to pay for a way to get info I NEED onto my OWN computer, from my OWN cell phone. Serious responses please. Thanks to you all! Bye!

Is there any link to downloads RAZR V3c software to transmit via data cable video, sound, pictures, to pc free
Well the way to get the software is through bittorrent.

And the software IS called Motorola Phone Tools. You can probably find the full software on sites like for free.

Hope this helps.


My teeth have shifted after braces, I see more of my gums.?

Hi, after I got my braces off, about 4 and a half years ago, I noticed that my teeth were shifting right away, while wearing that plastic retainer that fits on the roof of your mouth. I've had braces twice, I have a small mouth and theres no room for my 12-year-old molars to come through, Im 20. Ive noticed with this shifting, that if someone catches a picture of me laughing or something, you see a lot more of my gums than ever before. Its like as if my teeth are also shifting downward as well as becoming crooked(although thats probably the molars). My question is, will getting my braces on for the 3rd time fix this problem? Will my teeth go back to being aligned the right way, and will I then see less of my gums in those situations? And how do I keep my teeth from shifting downward again? My teeth looked gorgeous once my braces came off, both times, they dont anymore. Please help.

My teeth have shifted after braces, I see more of my gums.?
i had braces at 30! and, probably like everyone else, i didnt wear my retainer, and my teeth have shifted....or to a good orthodontist and get them fixed, there are so many ways they can help! but this time, wear your retainer!
Reply:it appears that someone has not been wearing their retainer for 24 hours as told to do so by their orthodontist......


My teeth...I'm self-conscious?

Please help. I posted a picture of myself on here before and people were commenting on how I should get my teeth fixed. I think I'm a beautiful girl, not cocky, just not down on myself. I have been self conscious about my teeth my whole life and really want to get them fixed...even though I've seen many people with much worse. The problem is i'm a college student and i REALLY can't afford to pay an arm and a leg. Is there any inexpensive solution? I've heard a lot about lumineers, are they expensive? Is there any other method or answer out there? Please help, it's affecting my self-esteem. Here is a picture of me...

My teeth...I'm self-conscious?
This coming from a guy, you look wonderful! I'm not sure who told you that, but you HAVE to like yourself. From a person that hasn't met you, I think you look fine. If you are self conscious about your teeth, get them fixed later when you have the money, or ask your parents (or wealthy friend) for a "loan" that you can pay off later, or can pay back slowly, a bit at a time. Honestly, don't freak out about it.

Also cheap methods may not work as well, you should get it done with an orthodontist, because if it takes longer than planned, he wont charge you extra. Also you then get retainers for life, which keep your teeth from moving after braces (or invisaline, if you prefer that). I used braces and was just fine, but its all preference. Personally my invisaline retainers hurt more than the normal ones, so keep in mind that each has its ups and downs.

Anyways you're beautiful, and minor imperfections like that shouldn't keep any semi-intelligent guy away. Given the opportunity, someone would have to be borderline retarded not to take you out for lunch.

Anyways I'm not trying to flatter you, but don't be so self conscious about it, or kill yourself worrying. It actually looks as though you've already HAD braces. Its not worth worrying about.
Reply:Well, whoever said that is really stupid. Your teeth look fine but if you want to get them fixed do it. I recommend you getting that thing where they fill the gap in the front teeth (which yours isn't a lot) and looks completely real instead of just getting braces or anything that's more expensive and complicated.
Reply:whats wrong with ur teeth? nothing i can see...dont worry
Reply:You can look up the new invisilign braces..They would be much better for a college student (b/c you can't see them and they wouldn't effect your social life. I'm not sure about the cost, but if you have a family dentist who does's a possibility they will break it down into afforable payments. Talk to a few dentists and see what they can as far as prices and low payments.

But other than that..theres no CHEAP way to fix your teeth..if there was..everyone would know about it..ya know?

Hope that helps!
Reply:I'm sorry..... but if that is a pic of you then you don't need no work done, your beautiful, and I would defo ask you out, so don't worry....

Instead of getting your teeth fixed (which there is no need to do as there is nothing wrong) perhaps you want to consider telling people to stfu and come date me instead?
Reply:if u dont see a problem then dont wast money dont pay atention to what some peopel think theres always going to be peopel that talk trash
Reply:Your teeth look just fine to me. I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you find the right guy he will love you even if you had no teeth at all. Good luck!

Hope this helps! :-)
Reply:Well, you're fishing for compliments, so I will give you one. You have nice teeth. If you doubt that, ask a dentist. And, you are pretty. Enjoy college.
Reply:where your gap is so small, you could honestly just use small elastics and bring them together. my sister did this and it fixed her gap.. you just got to be careful... it will fix your gap, but it could create small ones where the elastics are attached. anyways, it's an idea... you just got to be careful and watch it closely to make sure you don't make it worse.
Reply:you really are very beautiful... but if your teeth bug you (like mine used to) try going to a dentist (make sure that you do your research and find one that's good) and get your teeth "reshaped".. they'll make them a little rounder and it's a very simple procedure where they sand them down... it's pretty cheap and they don't even have to anesthetize you!

good luck and don't worry .. you really are beautiful and personally i think that your teeth have character... but if it will make you feel better then go for it!
Reply:gosh... u are a very nice girl!!! and I ve seen very very bad teeth problems!!!

so ... I shouldnt worry if i where U ;) they are fine, but if u want to fix them anyway. dental students need patients everyday in school (BELIVE ME) and we have to practice in someone right? im not telling you that they are experimenting or something like that, they are highly trained and supervised by a dr. and senior dental students.

It really cheap to get what u want there, and there is some students that would even pay you the treatment and even give you some cash to go and get with them, cuz thay want to aprove their class. (belive me I paid some of my patients hahaha)

there are many dental schools go to one ;)
Reply:I say you are fishing for comments or you have a really bad self esteem. Most people would like for their teeth to look as nice as yours and white to boot. Just do your college and quite being silly.
Reply:Well as a dental hygeine student, one of the first things I notice about someone is their smile. And honey, I've seen way worse. We all have things that we would like to improve upon when it comes to our appearance but you don't need to worry about your teeth...they look fine.

You're self conscious about nothing. It's not that serious...just keep taking care of the teeth you have. There are folks out there who would pay for teeth like YOURS...
Reply:Yeah there is really nothing wrong with your teeth at all.

My teeth used to go like this /\

I had braces, which are terrible. My front teeth weren't even fully closed when the braces came off. I have not even bothered going to the orthodontist for a year.

I have a tiny gap, my teeth are only a little bit closer than your's, and most people think I don't have a single problem with my teeth.
Reply:you're a very pretty girl...nice smile (great teeth..and I'm not just saying have GREAT teeth.) pretty skin. ( I'd kill for skin like that) and great hair...

Lumineers are Ok...but you really don't need'em. (and they cost about $1000. each)

If you need some dental work and I don't see where...go to a dental school...they're always looking for people to work on...after all they're teaching.
Reply:your teeth are gorgeous and so are you! oh my goodness, you are perfect! I think everyone has a "cute flaw." Guys find a little bit of imperfection sexy. Like I have dimples and an underbite and guys just love both on me. =]

Your teeth are fine. You're just gorgeous!

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Where can I find a picture of a mouth that shows all 32 teeth that are labeled?

You can search the American Dental Association webpage ( or just follow the link:

Hope that helps!!

Where can I find a picture of a mouth that shows all 32 teeth that are labeled?
Ask a dentist for help.
Reply:go to google images %26amp; put in teeth--you will find something there.

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Does miley have any fake teeth?

because if u save a picture of her smiling and zoom in u can see some teeth missing and if u put gum on your 2 front teeth u will sound like her when she talks.

Does miley have any fake teeth?
No, she doesn't. In May of last year, she went to the dentist office and left having just been told she needed braces!! But the dentist put the braces on the BACK of her top teeth, considering how much tv face time she was going to have after Hannah Montana just premeired with the most tv viewers on Disney Channel ever!! So, that is why her teeth are straighter in the newer episodes and why she talks funny. Ohh- she talked funny in the earlier episodes because she had a retainer.
Reply:She just has that annoying accent and braces. That's why she talks all funny. Plus, her teeth are just all jacked up. They're not missing or anything.

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Suggest a site to find different pictures for kids to show how to keep your body clean?

For a 1st std.child to stick pictures in school note book, pls. suggest a site with pictures showing how to keep our body clean like nailcutter, tooth brush, comb, etc.

Suggest a site to find different pictures for kids to show how to keep your body clean?
go to the red cross webbie and search for "Scrubby Bear." It's a program that teaches children proper hygiene.

try either:

or google "American Red Cross"

Here's another site to help:
Reply:I guess I don't fully understand what you are looking for here. Are you looking for a webpage to print pics off of for a project? I am actually VERY confused here!!
Reply:better go to


I have a question about what to do with my teeth and what are my options?

my teeth started to break and chip off while i was pregnant with my 4th child. i was told it could be from lack of calcium at the time i was pregnant cause i was got opregnant 4 times so close together. but i do admit i am a good brusher but i usually scrub the hell out of my teeth too, and my gums. i dont floss its not my thing. but i brush my teeth about 5 times a day. i havent been to a dentist for a while. i know i need to but money is my problem though. and my teeth have been through a lot and now i really do wish i went to the dentist but i never had the money to go. my mom always tells me if it doesnt hurt leave it alone when i first started having chipped teeth. my front teeth are fine they are not broken or chipped at all. but anyways should i get dentures or fake teeth. i am planning on going to a dentist and get a clear picture on what to fix to my satisfaction and good for my health. i really do not want to get all my teeth pulled for complete dentures. advice please!

I have a question about what to do with my teeth and what are my options?
Well i dont know much about teeth, and i only have one child, but brushing them so much could cause the enamel to come off your teeth, so does eating anything sour like lemons or limes. You should def go to a dentist for advice, cause unless there are some dentists on yahoo answers i dont think you are going to get a very good answer.
Reply:get capps
Reply:You need to go see the dentist money or not and get your teeth checked. You also need to see to it that all 4 of your kids see the dentist every 6 months. This remark is not meant to be cruel but you should be able to provide for all of the kids you have. I know accidents aka accidental pregnancies happen but do get each and every one of you in to see the dentist ASAP and then when you leave schedule your next 6 month appointment for ALL of you before you leave the dentist office. You do need to floss so get yourself a reach handle flosser and start using it. Depending on the age of the kids get them one too if they can handle it.
Reply:I feel what you are going through. I'm lucky to have great teeth, but I myself haven't been to the dentist in 3 years. I just don't have the money. People who say you need to go money or not, need to understand that a lot of people these days don't have dental insurance. A lot of companies don't provide it now. My dentist wanted to take out my silver fillings and replace them with the white ones and I just laughed at him. Yes I realize taking care of your teeth is important, but when you don't have the money, what are you suppose to do. Maybe if dental offices would have some kind of payment plan, people would go more often, but where I live, they want all the money right then and there, and that's just impossible for me. I hope you find a solution to your problem. :)

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