Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hamster teeth?

Is it healthy for a hamster's lower teeth to be alot longer than their upper teeth? I was just playing with Brutus (7 month white syrian SOOO adorable) and he yawned and I saw his teeth and I was like. O.o Wow! So I'm kinda worried now that perhaps they are unhealthily long? I mean he's really active and chubby...

I found a picture on Flickr that is an example of how long his teeth are...

I feel bad that his teeth are so long but should I take him to the vet? I also feel kinda dumb for not knowing more about hamster dental....

Please help without being a jerk?

Hamster teeth?
Your hamsters teeth shouldnt be that long its unhealthy for them. You should feed you hamster fresh food like carrot cucumber lettuce but in small amounts also give them plenty of water and Hamster food. As its teeth is so long give your hamster a piece of wood for it to nor on this will grind its teeth down.
Reply:yes it is very normal because both my hamsters have that but you might want to buy him wooden sticks well you can buy ones for hamsters at the store but they wear their teeth down on those so they dont get to long!!! Good luck
Reply:Hamster teeth are made for chewing. They have pretty long lower ones as well. So long as you keep giving them cedar chips and wood toys to chew on, Brutus will be perfectly fine. Their teeth wear down with use.
Reply:Rodent incisors never stop growing, so they need hard objects to gnaw on. Most people use wooden chew sticks, but there is always the chance of the hamster encounter splinters. The safest thing you can give them is plain/unflavored dog biscuits (read the ingredients, it should be onion/garlic free and with minimal ingredients). The biscuits are hard, the hammie loves the flavor, and it's 100% safe to chew. And as for your hamster's teeth, the lower teeth are always longer than the top (yellow or orange teeth are a sign of healthy teeth). Teeth that are too long are noticeable. Your hamster will have its mouth constantly open, it will often drool, and it will eat less. If it's to that point, a vet visit is needed to get the teeth trimmed down to a safe size. The hamster in that picture does have teeth too long, so if yours is like that, give him things to gnaw right away and set up a vet visit. Good luck with Brutus (White Syrians ARE adorable).
Reply:yes but u dont want them to get too long because this can cause pain if they do get long take them to the vet and the should simply clip them. i know it sounds painful but its not

that hamsters teeth are actually pretty healthy but a little bent and the hamster looks tatty
Reply:Usually if they are too long then you need to take them to a vet so the vet can clip them. It's a natural thing that hamster need doing.
Reply:Hamsters bottom teeth tend to be quite smaller.

The ham in the pic has very ealthy teeth though ! yellow teeth are a sign of excellent health, but that ham could use a trip to the vet.

To avoid this from happening you can use a staple food called NutriBloc, they are a hard food item that help with keeping the teeth in check and not overgrown.

You can get flavoured blocks and such for your ham but I tend to find they don't chew on them as much and more or less ignore it.

You can try harder veggies aswell, like carrots.

I also love putting sticks all over the cage for the hams to chew on and explore.

Best of luck with your lil ham :)

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