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HELP! Havent worn my retainer in about 2 years! (Pictures inside!!!!!)?;...;...;...;...;...

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Okay so i havent worn my retainer in about 2 years and as you can definatly see, my bottom teeth have shifted. its so embarassing and i hate it. im wondering if i should put my retainer back in..will my teeth shift back? the retainer fits, but its pretty painful, but not that bad. PLEASE HELP!

HELP! Havent worn my retainer in about 2 years! (Pictures inside!!!!!)?
Get a new retainer. You made a horrible mistake and it's time to fix it.
Reply:YOu can try the retainer, but I think your teeth are probly too far gone, you will need to be put back in braces...
Reply:i shifted to an di am wearing my retainers its helping alittle
Reply:I didnt wear my retainer for about half a year and started wearing it again and it hurt really bad but it moved my teeth back. But you have to wear them constantly or else it moves back in like a day. As long as it fits, just go through the pain, so your teeth will look good again.
Reply:orthodontists usually tell their patients to wear their retainers for a period of time, you have had quite a bit of shift, if you force the retainer in now you will probably have headaches and maybe tooth pain, you should revisit your orthodontist and see how major it would be to re-correct your bite.
Reply:You have to get bottom braces again...Sorry, two years is A LONG time.

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