Friday, July 31, 2009

Are my maltese's teeth normal?

When it closes its mouth and doesn't have his tounge out, like he usually does, his bottom teeth sort of stay out in front of his lips and he never keeps them in, when closing his mouth. I've seen other maltese dogs in pictures on the net and haven't seen this in them.

Are my maltese's teeth normal?
nope, that's not normal. your dog has a serious underbite. hope you didn't pay a bunch of money for him and i REALLY hope you aren't planning on using him for stud
Reply:some dogs have bad alignment of their teeth. it's a breeding issue. you should not breed him if you were planning with this type of malalignment. aside from that take him to the vet and make sure there aren't too many teeth, like he has retained his baby teeth or the teeth are decayed and that's why they're sticking out. if it's just how his teeth are keep an eye on them and make sure he gets his teeth checked at yearly vet visits. but most dogs that have this issue do fine. they chew with their back molars so as long as they are aligned right shouldn't cause any problem. he'll just have a toothy smile.
Reply:It's not the breed standard. He has an underbite, but it's nothing to worry about if he is a pet. You wouldn't want to breed him.
Reply:he just has an can be sort of cute sometimes!
Reply:I don't know if its normal or not, but my maltese has the same problem with his teeth. But the underbite doesn't seem to bother my dog at all, so I think its not a health issue, just crooked teeth.
Reply:IT IS NORMAL for Maltese. They all have it. I have two Maltese dogs %26amp; they both do too.

It is also NORMAL for them to cough. It sounds a bit like they are choking, but they are not. It is just something Maltese dogs do.
Reply:The standard: "The teeth meet in a even edge-to-edge bite or in a scissors bite"

If your maltese is very young it might correct itself, you should ask your vet, there may be a overcrowding of teeth.


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